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Every Person Should Know First Aid In Hervey Bay

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Why have First Aid?

You need it to care for your loved ones in an EMERGENCY.

Workplaces require Trained First Aiders, Sports organisations need them, Child Care Centres Schools require special training in Asthma , Anaphylaxis and First Aid .

Electricians require training in Low Voltage Rescue and CPR .

Mines have Specially Trained Rescue Squads with specialist training to an Advanced Level

The most common cause of death in Australia is Cardiac Arrest from heart disease, the defintive care is normally Early DeFibrillation with training it is very simple .

Learning to recognise the Symptoms and Signs of Medical Conditions can save lives, this combined with appropriate First Aid is the winner

More Course Information

A little about how the course goes

CPR courses
This can be a stand alone course, or incorporated into the first couple of hours of a First Aid Course , an emphasis on hands on training

Provide First Aid / Update
This is the NEW course name for Senior First Aid and Apply First Aid

Normally Conducted over one day or evening courses

This is the Course most employers are requiring to meet their workplace needs

In addition to the practical training there is a workbook component

Combined Courses

Anaphylaxis and Asthma
A stand alone course or integrated into CPR or First Aid

Short duration a maximum of 2 hours

Low Voltage Rescue
Stand alone but normally combined with CPR

Advanced Courses
Time frame varies on group size and your skills prior

First Aid Training complies to government agencies, the clinical aspects of First Aid Training are normally guided by the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines

Training Packages are administered by a variety of goverment departments including AQTF/ASQA.

The major influencing factor in a quality course is the skills and knowledge of the presenter, their ability to convey this information in an easy un complicated manner.

No one group of Professionals has more exposure to Pre Hospital Care than Paramedics, from a basic to a very advanced level, therefore a course conducted by a Paramedic with good presentation skills would ensure the ultimate in First aid Training.

Most courses have a government code and in summary these are:

  • HLTAID001 Provide CPR
  • HLTAID002 Provide Basic Life Support
  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID004 Provide First Aid Education and Care Setting

If you are doing a refresher/ update please bring along a copy of your current certificate

Course Booking Details First Aid Courses Hervey bay

Course Booking information

Group Courses
Once we receive your enquiry we will discuss your requirements, which course or courses you require.
Course location, number of participants, starting and finishing times, other special conditions and needs.
We will send you through a quote and terms of payment, to be confirmed by all parties.

Training Materials and Documentation
Most courses offer flexible learning, this could require a pre course workbook to be completed prior to the course this assists in preparing you with the knowledge to complete the course in a smooth and relaxed manner .

General Public Courses

All course information and fee structure will be sent you prior to the course.

We offer scheduled courses that are open to everybody, these courses are conducted, numbers pending.

Normally it is a One Day Program with pre course workbook and CPR is completed first on most courses, once this is completed the day continues on with other topics such as medical trauma scenarios, specialist topics also on the day may include, Anaphylaxis and Asthma / Low Voltage Rescue.

Payment is normally required prior to the commencement of the course

Specialist Courses
Available for Groups and General Public

Terms and Conditions

OTHER INFORMATION WE UTILISE FIRST AID ADVANTAGE AS OUR REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANIZATION RTO 32273 Common Questions: Why choose this course? It is estimated that over 90% of First aid training organizations do NOT have trainers that have a background as a full time Ambulance Officer /Paramedic / Medic conducting the course this can even apply to the major organizations This means the trainer may not have the skills or clinical education as a frontline professional to convey timely clinically accurate information

How long before I get my certificate?

From course completion to receiving the Certificate normally 3to 4 working days Once the course is fully completed we can issue you with a verification of completion stating you have completed the course and awaiting the formal certification. Course completion includes:
Full Payment of Course by you or the agency employer etc Attendance of the Practical date Completion of Theoretical Components Accurate Completion of the course forms for example the enrolment forms and USI accurate and included on the form Once this is complete all of your forms are scanned and sent to the RTO with a data base The RTO then issues you a certificate which is nationally accredited They E mail the certificate to us we then E mail the certificate to you this IS your original, print out in color, if you do not have a printer then arrange with Shirley to arrange to meet her at the shop she will print one out for you We do not post out certificates too many complaints due to poor handwriting or Australia Post errors

Refund Policy: Current from the 1st of January 2018 If we have to cancel a course which is very rarely if ever Simple we give you your money back or offer you an alternate date If you decide to cancel: 14 days or more full refund 7 to 13 days 50% refund 7 days or less no refund BUT we will reschedule you to another course

Fitness to Participate:

First Aid Courses are far less physically demanding than they used to be but you will need to actually contact other people to practice the basic skills for example bandaging cpr simulation lateral position etc. If you are not comfortable with this perhaps do the course with a family member or partner Your mobility: The national standards are that you are to be able to do CPR on the floor for 2-4 minutes, I am very flexible with this for example if you have a bad knee or back on the day then we will look at options. It is imperative that you notify me if you have any physical or emotional disabilities that limit your ability to perform If you have any learning disabilities then it is your responsibility to bring along a person designated by you to assist with this section of the course We occasionally use real life graphic scenes videos etc to enhance the course this is First aid which includes trauma If on the day you are asked to do an activity and you feel you cannot speak up EARLY

Punctuality: Try to arrive at least 15 minutes early to organize the paperwork If allocated breaks please be punctual to return on the time frame allocated Return your paperwork fully completed on time If your paperwork is difficult to read or incomplete Shirley will have to contact you if you are slow to reply then this will delay your certification process

After the Course: We will do our best to get the certificate to you as soon as possible If you have not received your certificate within a reasonable time frame You should have your certificate within a week maximum By the way legally it is up to 20 days for a certificate issue Due to the impatience of people or poor planning most RTO s are trying to get them out faster than 20 days

Remember that your official certificate is E mailed to you this is your original treat it as such If you find you have lost your certificate and e mail or phone us weeks or months later saying you did not receive your certificate we will go through our data base and search the E mails if it is confirmed that we in fact did send you one then a re issue fee of $30 will apply for a certificate We do hundreds of clients a month and occasionally we do miss certificates for this we apologize Many of our clients have the course paid for by an employment agency business company In this instance we are not obliged to release the certificate directly to the participant unless requested and mutually agreed by training centre hervey bay and the organization

The release of the Certificate is only on the completion of the course terms part of that is full completion of payment for the course We occasionally out of goodwill pre- release the certificate to the organization or participant

Course Content; We present many options for the course content Including the Australian resuscitation Council International Liason Committee on resuscitation Queensland Ambulance Service 30 years as a Medic /Ambulance Officer / Paramedic / Diver Medical Technician Master SCUBA Instructor 35 years

Summary; First aid training is very easy and informative with the practical component being the most important part and the easiest However due to the ever encroaching bureaucracy into training the documentation is the major cause of delays and issues These organizations include: The Unique Student Identifier AVETMISS Enjoy the learning of First Aid which we hope you will never need but be so glad you knew if you had to be in the situation Please make sure the paperwork is completely filled in so there are no delays Glenn and Shirley Bowman